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look and feel between the two watches, the one from oxford came with the tag which showed the real price in US Dollars while the other one which came from JSC didn't show its price (see 2 photos I've uploaded for your information). At first I thought maybe it was just me being paranoid as there are very good replicas out there that just looks exactly the same as the genuine ones nowadays, so what I did was to look this up further on the internet and compare it with other photos o ray ban glasses uk t a warranty surely?? Purchased for my girlfriend's christmas- it looks brilliant! It is quite heavy but I like that about it, looks sturdy and very classy. Lovely Rose gold finish and I am sure it will ma men michael kors 2, the nitrate: if there is a little nitrate, available color skin cream color or white electric oil lightly nitrate parts, remove the stains.3, metal decorations and oxidation (gold, silver, copper buckle) silver metal buckle: use the fine water sand paper or frosted rubber gently remove black spots, then wipe gently with the transparent skin ointment Note: golden buckle should not be sanded paper, in order to avoid the golden erase, can only use a little transparent ointment wiped gently.Prevention in a new handbag brass buckle buckle or metal with a little transpar.