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    CAF Mobilization and Management

    CAF mobilization and utilization was initiated from F/Y 2008/09. From the beginning of the CAF mobilization, CAA has been creating awareness to the stakeholders for the grant application and CAA membership. It has also developed different documents to facilitate stakeholders on CAF grant acquisition and implementation the activities. Guideline for SCN & SDP preparation, guideline for Sub- project operating procedure are some examples of documents developed for mobilization of CAF. Besides these other important documents are also developed for proper functioning of CAA activities. 



    CAA has initiated the investment from the beginning of November 2008, once after endorsement of the Sub-project selection criteria by ADB on recommendation of CAA and PMU. From its beginning to the end of third quarter of F/Y 2012/013 (ie. end of January 13th 2012), a total of grant Nrs. 405,361,577.96 has been approved for the investment in both of community based market infrastructure and Non-infrastructure Sub-projects. Out of the total approved grant amount, NRs. 354,628,328.57 has been disbursed from CAA main office to the district office for disbursement to concern stakeholders up to the end of third quarter of F/Y 2012/013.


    Investment areas

    Total CAF  grant targeted for the investment in project period

    (in millions)

    Total approved CAF grant amount for agreed SPs up to the end of third quarter of F/Y 2012/013 NRs.

    Total CAF grant disbursed up to the end of third quarter of F/Y 2012/013

    Disbursed from Head Office to district office Rs.

    Disbursed from District Office to Stakeholders  Rs.


    Community Based Market Infrastructure

    US $ 4.00





    Non Infrastructure

    US $ 4.00





    US $ 8.00





    1.1 CAF mobilization in Community Based Market Infrastructure Sub-project


    5 no of new SPs related to Community Based Market Infrastructure Sub-projects costing Nrs. 16,502,740.00 from CAF, Nrs 3,300,547.00 from DDC and Nrs 2,200,366.00 from community are approved by BoD of CAA and agreement with stakeholders is in progress in the first quarter of F/Y 2012/013 by CAA/BoD. Thus, to the end of October 2012 the total number of infrastructure development Sub-project approved by CAA/BoD is to 76. The SP that are agreed with stakeholders are 76 in number have total approved budget of NRs. 302,618,122.31. Of the total approved budget of 76 SPs, share of CAF grant is NRs 217,060,663.24 (71.73%), share of DDC is NRs. 44,825,664.07 (14.81%) and share of community and others is NRs. 40,719,735.00 (13.46%).

    1.1.1 Status of completed Infrastructure Sub-projects

    Out of awarded 76 Sub-project so far 76(100%) Sub-project has been completed by the end of third quarter of F/Y 2012/013

    1.1.2 Beneficiaries of the Agreed Infrastructure Sub-projects


    It is estimated that the total beneficiaries of the infrastructure development Sub-project intervention is 1177548 (322,464 Direct Beneficiaries and 855,084 Indirect Beneficiaries) people, of which, number of female and male beneficiaries are – 563,353 and 614,195 respectively.

    1.1.3 Employment Generation by Infrastructure Development Sub-projects

    It is recorded that total of 97,265 working days employment is generated by the CAF interventaion in infrastructure development Sub-project. Out of the total employment generated, 40,987 working days were employed by women and 5,002 working days by landless people

    1.2. CAF mobilization in Non-infrastructure Sub-project


    Total number of Non-infrastructure Sub-project approved by CAA Board is 322 whereas agreed with member’s remains to 322 in numbers and NRs 459,944,859.83 in amount. In all approved agreed Non-infrastructure SPs the CAF contribution is NRs. 188,568,524.14 Among the approved 322 SPs, highest number has been granted to Farmers’ Group 157(49.68%) followed by cooperative 94(31.01%), traders 31(9.81%) and processors 30(9.49%). The investment share from the part of CAF is 41.33% and remaining 58.67% is shared by the members.

    1.2.1 Category of Approved Non-infrastructure Sub-project of CAA


    There are 322 Non-infrastructure Sub-project of different categories approved by CAA/BoD and agreed with members for all 11 project districts. The categories of Non-infrastructure Sub-project are; HVC processing equipment support, organic fertilizer production- vermin compost, herbal production, processing & marketing, honey production & processing, vegetable and spice production & marketing, tea production & packaging, nursery management, seed production & processing, processing capacity enhancement, storage facility, cardamom production & drying and coffee production & processing.

     Out of the 322 approved and agreed SPs, the highest no 146 SPs are awarded on 'Vegetable & fruits Production & Marketing' activities which is 45.34% of total SPs and then 'Spice Production & Marketing Chilly, Turmeric Ginger' category is awarded 65 SPs which is the 20.19% of total awarded SPs. The lowest only one SP is awarded for ' Coffee production & Processing' activities.

    1.2.2 Completed Non-infrastructure Sub-project

    Up to the April 13th of 2013, total of 319 Non-infrastructure projects were completed (3 SP's were dropped out by Members). This is the    99.07% of total approved & agreed 322 no. of Non-infrastructure Sub-project .

    1.2.3 Beneficiaries of the Non-infrastructure Sub-project


    It is estimated that the total beneficiaries of the non-infrastructure development Sub-project intervention is 568,215 (184,991 Direct Beneficiaries and 383,224 Indirect Beneficiaries) people, of which, number of female and male beneficiaries are – 313,922 and 254,293 respectively.

    1.2.4 Employment Generated by the CAF intervention in the Non-infrastructure Sub-project

    It is recorded that total of 268,431 working days employment is generated by the CAF interventaion in non-infrastructure Sub-project. Out of the total employment generated, 134,767 working days were employed by the female and 18,181 working days by the landless people.

    Out of the 450 active members, 265 (59%) received CAF grant support directly for their agriculture commercialization and value chain function strengthening. It is found that most of the Non-infrastructure investments are invested for the production and marketing of HVCs.
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